Simon Garth (guitars) - Muriel Saracino (All instruments) - David Dalco' (Bass) - Ross Lukather (Drums)



It was March 2011 when Muriel Saracino decided to create a new project from the ashes of Filthy Teens. 
The sound of the new band was darker with respect to the past. The original line-up included: David Dalcò (bass), Simon Garth (ex-death ss on guitars) and Ross Lukather (ex-death ss on drums). “Signs” was the flag of  a new era for the band. Released in October 2011, it got a great success: very good reviews in the most important Italian metal medias and in America, too, on the Californian blog "Nathalie's World". 
Thanks to the great approval, the band got the chance to exhibit in February 2012 in Milan with the Gothic metal band Cadaveria. 

Francis Fury (Keyboards) - David Dalco' (Bass) - Federico Dalli (Drums) - Muriel Saracino (All instruments) - Simon Garth (Guitars)


In summer 2012, Saracino started to write new material for a new album. Later, the keyboardist Francis Fury joined the band together with an old Filthy Teen's drummer: Federico Dalli. The second album was called “Take the Children Away From the Priest” and the lyrics were written about various themes linked to the Vatican church: corruption, pedophilia and its uncountable wealth. There were also personal themes because it was not only a concept album.
This  record was  very well revieved by the Italian media and also by new american reviewers.
Saracino is also the director of the videoclips "King must die" and "Don't talk about the church"

Shark(Guitars,Bass) - Muriel Saracino (All instruments) - Derrick (Live durms)

During the second half of 2013, Saracino and the new band members Derrick and Shark started the writing process of the third album called "III:The Beast".
The new record was released in june 2015 and actually it receives great approval worldwide from the metal music journalists.
Saracino was also the director for the video of the song "Seed of Evil" 







Hades (bass)- Kronork (drums) - Prophet (vocals) - Murihell (guitars)

"N.W.O. - The Beginning", the fourth studio album by horror band Madness Of Sorrow, wiill be published on March 1st, 2017. It's the band's first CD featuring new singer Prophet (Aka Diego Carnazzola), who's already contributed to live performances during 2016 to support the previous work "III:The Beast". Lyrics depict the corrupt sick system in which humanity is living, focusing specifically on corporations, sex and serial killers. Music was written and recorder by Muriel Saracino, while the concept, lyrics and vocals were handled by Prophet. The artwork was realized by Italian artist Graziano Roccatani. "N.W.O. - The Beginning" will be distributed digitally by W13Digital Distribution.











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